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We advise institutional investors on derivatives, structured finance and capital markets, from corporate bonds through hybrid products, to complex structured investment products.

Our role is to assist investors to understand what they are buying, restructuring, unwinding or litigating in terms of the legal and structural risks that lie at the heart of these complex and innovative markets. Our clients include some of the largest institutional investors; they are banks, asset managers, insurance companies and pension funds in Europe and beyond.
One of the main problems for investors, as far as legal complexity and risk are concerned, is that law firms with relevant expertise very often only make themselves available to advise the "sell-side" and not the investor.
In acting exclusively for investors in this market, our clients benefit from our extensive experience and understanding of the legal and structural issues in the documentation of those transactions that are among the most complex they are likely to enter into.

David Doble

About David Doble

David Doble qualified as a solicitor in the UK in 1988. He was a partner at the international law firm of Allen & Overy LLP, and a member of the international capital markets department. He has specialised over the past decade in the field of securitised derivatives, repackagings, CDOs credit-linked and equity-linked notes and a variety of hybrid structured instruments. In particular, he advised (from 2003) a syndicate of international banks in developing the iTraxx (credit index-linked) note product that has emerged as the international benchmark for credit-linked products. His clients during that period included many of the major financial institutions involved in developing and structuring such transactions and products.

Since 2005, David has acted exclusively for institutional investors including some of the world’s largest savings banks, state banks, regional banks, insurance companies and pension funds. David advises on a range of non-contentious matters through DDL. In recent years his practice has focussed on advising institutional investors in connection with the private restructurings of their structured credit portfolios.​

David was cited as an expert in the field of credit derivatives in the inaugural edition of The Creditflux Inside Guide to Who's Who in Structured Credit and Credit Derivatives.

Independent legal advice for investors

What we do

The twin principal services we offer are:
● the review of complex bilateral documentation for structured credit transactions and derivatives; and
● legal and strategic advice in relation to disputes arising from such transactions and all other international capital markets investments.

In many cases, we are willing to act on a contingency fee basis in the early stages of our involvement - in order to give our clients a broad initial perspective on what they are faced with.​
We also provide advice to other professional service providers outside the UK, such as law firms and accountancy firms in relation to the understanding of legal and structural risk generally in this market segment and in relation to specific types of transactions.


Institutional Investors

Advice to institutional investors on transaction documentation for complex structured transactions (such as CDOs, derivatives etc.)


Investment Disputes

Disputes arising from investments in complex structured transactions; and advice in connection with any restructuring proposals in respect of their investments


Bank Document Risk Audit

The firm advises small and medium sized businesses in relation to their bank lending and other finance documentation. Its risk audit is designed to identify provisions in those legal documents that may create unforeseen financial liabilities.

Who we assist

Our Clients

David Doble Law acts exclusively for institutional investors in the international structured finance markets. Clients that the firm has represented include:

    one of the largest state pension funds in Scandinavia
    one of the largest commercial and retail banks in the Middle East
    one of the largest retail banks in Germany
    one of the largest landesbanks in Germany
    one of the largest commercial banks in India
    one of the largest retail and commercial banks in Spain
    one of the largest insurance companies in Austria
    one of the largest banks in Austria
    one of the largest commercial and retail banks in Sweden
    one of the largest commercial and retail banks in Ireland